EUAM Iraq attended the launch of the 2021-2024 National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy

The Federal Commission of Integrity is Iraq’s foremost national anti-corruption body and has strategic responsibility for monitoring and assuring national obligations in attaining compliance with the provisions of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). In this context, the Commission is at the vanguard of national efforts to reduce the risk of corruption and as such is the strategic mechanism responsible for the formulation, implementation, and governance arrangement pertaining to the NIACS.

This new Strategy seeks to mobilise ministries, institutions and other key stakeholders through a comprehensive policy and regulatory framework designed to assist Iraqi institutions and other entities to reduce the prevalence of systemic corruption.

Endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet on 7 April 2021, and the product of extensive consultation, the formal launch of the NIACS by the Federal Commission of Integrity constitutes a significant and positive development in providing a catalyst for a renewed and concerted national effort focused on a systematic and integrated institutional approach.

Addressing and reducing the risk and complex phenomenon of corruption by enhancing measures which contribute to the process of Iraqi led, owned, and delivered good governance, transparency and oversight are central to the EUAM Iraq’s mandate representing key policy objectives for the European Union and its Member States.

Corruption continues to pose an existential risk to Iraq’s stability, national security, economic development as well as the sustainability and efficacy of critical policy and reform interventions being implemented by the Government of Iraq.

EUAM Iraq continues to play a pivotal role in enabling and advancing the national anti-corruption agenda through its engagement with the Federal Commission of Integrity, its partnership with key stakeholders including the Delegation of the EU to Iraq and UNDP, and ultimately through its mandate delivery centered on the provision of strategic advice and advocacy to the Ministry of Interior and the Office of the National Security Advisor.

EUAM Iraq will continue to develop and intensify its ongoing policy dialogue with the Federal Commission of Integrity in the context of the implementation of the new NIACS which provides a clear framework for both national and international partners to calibrate and align policy interventions in support of the NIACS strategic deliverables. 

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