MEET OUR TEAM: “Human Resources and Administration is my second profession, very challenging but it is my favorite job. I can describe Human Resources Officer job with two words: precision and deadlines!”

Sasha Naydenova from Bulgaria has been working for EUAM Iraq as Human Resources Officer for several years. She shares her experiences of her work in Baghdad, Iraq.  

Briefly describe your career and tell us why you applied for a position with EUAM Iraq?  

I have worked 17 years for different international organisations, 10 of them in Administration and Human Recourses. I like my job and working with people from different nationalities. Human Resources/Administration is my second profession, very challenging but it is my favorite job. 

Tell us about your daily work?   

Actually, every day is different, Mission members coming with different questions and looking for solution. Our job is very intensive and sometime very tense. We have to be precise, and adhere exactly to given deadlines at the same time. Regarding the tasks itself we cover two main functions recruitment and administration. The recruitment concerns the whole selection process of new Mission members. Administration includes maintenance of staffing tables, preparation of all required data for monthly payroll, booking, issuing and assisting with all aspects of work related travels. Human Resources coordinates and participates in the induction training of new Mission members, providing performance management advice to management and Mission members. 

How do you find working with colleagues from different backgrounds? 

Interesting and challenging. There is always something new to learn. 

What has been the most rewarding or memorable experience for you in the Mission so far? 

For sure my arrival in the Mission. I arrived on Christmas Eve. Due to the weather conditions, I got stuck in Istanbul for 2 days, instead of arriving on 22 December, I arrived on 24 December and my first meeting with my colleagues was at Christmas dinner. 

What do you enjoy the most with Iraqi people and culture?   

Iraqi people are wise and calm.  The culture of Mesopotamia is one of the world's oldest cultural histories and is considered one of the most influential cultures in the world.  

If you could live anywhere, where would you choose to be?   

I like my home country Bulgaria. We have everything, mountains and sea, and four yearly seasons!  

What is something your colleagues don’t know about you? 

I have a police background, and my first profession is chemist. Human Resources/Administration is my second profession.  

 What is your usual order at a restaurant? 

Whenever available, Sea food.  

How do you relax? 

With books and movies.  

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