EU extends mandate of EUAM Iraq until 2026

The Council of the European Union (EU) adopted a decision on 29 April extending the European Union Advisory Mission in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) until 30 April 2026. "We are grateful for the continued support of the Mission by the EU Member States and are honoured by the trust in our work by our Iraqi partners," summarised Anders Wiberg, Head of EUAM Iraq.

In its efforts to support a coherent implementation of civilian aspects of Iraq's security sector reform the Mission conducted over the last two years numerous advisory meetings, workshops, benchmarking trips to Europe as well as in the region and bridged needs from the Iraqi counterparts with EU projects.

“The high level of activities and interaction with our partners during the last period of the mandate proves that our expertise is highly valued,” said Wiberg. The security sector experts seconded from 19 EU Member States, together with the Iraqi Mission members who enable a close partnership with the Iraqi counterparts, are "key" to EUAM Iraq's performance, Wiberg is convinced.

For the coming mandate, the Mission will further intensify its advisory and assistance activities in its main thematic areas: National Security Strategy, Security Sector Reform Coordination, Command&Control and Crisis Management, Countering Terrorism, Organised Crime and Violent Extremism, National Security Legislation, Human Resource and Integrated Border Management, Human Rights, Women Participation, as well as Cultural Heritage Protection. 


The EU established in 2017 at the request of the Iraqi government the EUAM Iraq Mission in Baghdad with a presence in the Kurdistan region. The goal is to support an Iraqi-led and Iraqi-owned security sector reform process towards stability and sustainable peace. In this spirit, the Mission provides strategic advice and expertise in a wide range of security-related areas prioritised by the Iraqi partners. 

EUAM Iraq's approach includes empowerment, strengthening women's participation and respect for human rights to foster the creation of effective, inclusive, and accountable institutions to serve the population. The Iraqi main partners are the Ministry of Interior, the National Security Advisory as well as other key bodies and institutions related to the Security Sector. EUAM Iraq liaises closely with the EU Delegation, EU embassies and institutions, the NATO Mission Iraq and the United Nations to coordinate efforts and create synergies. 

Press release on the Council of the European Union EUAM Iraq: Council extends the mandate of the EU advisory mission on security sector reform until 2026 - Consilium (

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