EUAM Iraq supported a comprehensive workshop on forensic techniques within the CT Just programme

With the support of EUAM Iraq and the EU Delegation in Iraq, a comprehensive workshop on forensic technics was organised to improve the technical and investigative skills of Ministry of Interior law enforcement officers in the fight against terrorism. The workshop aligns with the goals of the Iraqi National Counter Terrorism Strategy, which seeks to rebuild peace and address the terrorism challenge within Iraq.

The complexity of terrorism requires the use of special forensic techniques that leave no room for improvisation. A fundamental aspect is the legal framework that governs specialised forensic techniques and crime scene management. This framework must be clear and precisely applied, particularly within criminal and legal proceedings, adapting to evolving technologies while steadfastly respecting human rights, the Rule of Law, and international standards. Therefore, it is imperative that the training of law enforcement officers incorporates to, the judicial dimension to ensure that forensic evidence picked-up ultimately becomes admissible in court.

The workshop was conducted by European experts in the framework of a two-year EU-funded programme “CT JUST” which aims to empower and enhance the capabilities of the Ministry of Interior staff in dealing with counter-terrorism efforts. EUAM Iraq, in close collaboration with the EU Delegation, is actively engaged in ensuring the effective execution and implementation of this comprehensive programme.

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