Iraqi government officials and EUAM Iraq for benchmarking visit in Germany

A delegation of Iraqi government officials accompanied by EUAM Iraq paid a benchmarking visit to Germany. This initiative was inspired by the current development of the Iraqi National Security Strategy (NSS) 2024 – 2028 and the interest in benefiting from Germany's experience. The Federal Republic of Germany is noteworthy for having instituted the process of developing its first comprehensive and integrated NSS in 2023.

The Iraqi delegation, composed of high ranking senior officials of the drafting committee of the NSS mainly from the Iraqi National Security Advisory (NSA), was received by the Federal Foreign Office, Federal Chancellery, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior as well as Think Tanks involved in security sector.

A comprehensive approach to integrated security

The exchanges of this comprehensive benchmarking visit focused on the German Strategy with a special focus on human security, citizen engagement and transparency. The ambition of the Iraqi government is a comprehensive approach to integrated security with a collaborative interaction of all relevant actors, resources and instruments to guarantee the security of Iraq and strengthen its resilience against threats. 

The visit to Germany promoted knowledge sharing and capacity building among Iraq's senior civil service interlocutors, as well as institutional and structural resilience. “This initiative is the result of a joint engagement between the German Embassy in Baghdad, the German Government's National Security Strategy Task Force in Berlin and the Mission in support of the Iraqi-led Policy Agenda for the NSS.”, stated the Strategic Advisors of EUAM Iraq accompanying the Iraqi delegation.

Why is a National Security Strategy crucial for Iraq?

Only a safe and secure environment can guarantee stability, sustainable peace and prosperity. Therefore, ensuring the security of its citizens is the most important task of every state. Against this backdrop, the National Security Advisory (NSA) and other governmental institutions are in the process to develop a NSS 2024 – 2028. This master document outlines the major security concerns of the country and plans on how to deal with them. The aim is an inclusive and comprehensive NSS that incorporates the state and human dimensions of national security. Therefore, the process consists of dialogues, inter-ministerial and inter-institutional consultations, and cooperation with civil society to ensure that diverse views are represented. This broader engagement also aims to foster trust within and between government, communities and wider society.

EUAM Iraq assists in the development and coherent implementation of the Iraqi NSS, associated national strategies and other national security priorities with advice and capacity building but also in organising benchmarking visits to Europe. 

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