EUAM Iraq and MOI Wrap Up Leadership & Change Management Programme
EUAM Iraq awarded certificates to distinguished participants of the high-level Senior Strategic Leadership & Change Management Programme conducted for the Ministry of Interior. The three-week training was financed by the German government  and facilitated by EUAM Iraq & Hertie School.
Head of Mission, Anders Wiberg, emphasised in his closing speech that responsible and effective leadership is key to sustainable security sector reform and that the training represents an important milestone in promoting transformative leadership.

Senior leaders from all agencies and departments of the Ministry of Interior in Baghdad were selected by the Minister of Interior to participate. The training was designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to senior officials. 
The Head of EUAM Iraq also said that Germany and the Mission are willing to continue supporting leadership training in the coming year, with a focus on female leaders.

Voices from participants:
”The programme was an enlightening experience. It introduced us to modern management strategies that are vital for evolving team dynamics. I found the insights particularly beneficial for enhancing our operational effectiveness and fostering a more developed perspective in team management.”

“The programme was a remarkable opportunity to align my extensive background with contemporary management methodologies. The workshop provided a platform to delve into advanced and innovative strategies, particularly in crisis management. This experience enriched my perspective, allowing me to assimilate these modern approaches seamlessly into my existing expertise and enhancing our institutional resilience and operational effectiveness.”

“The workshop introduced us to several new strategies that are essential for modernising institutional management. These insights have left a strong impression on me, and I intend to apply them within our work. Additionally, I look forward to discussing these strategies in my upcoming university lectures, highlighting our Agency’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.”
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