EUAM Iraq and the Ministry of Interior co-organised a pivotal workshop on managing major sport events in Basra

In their efforts to enhance the safety and security at large-scale sporting events, EUAM Iraq and the Ministry of Interior co-organised a pivotal workshop on 'Managing Major Sporting Events,' this time in Basra. The participants – all high-ranking officer commanders from various Iraqi governorates - visited two important stadiums in the Iraqi port city together with the Mission's advisors. This visit allowed them to apply and analyse what was discussed in the workshop directly on the stadium ground, providing a hands-on perspective.

The workshop focused on 'Crowd Control and Stadium Security', 'Policing Major Events' for effective law enforcement, and 'Negotiation and Dialogue', all integrated with leading European safety practices. A notable contribution came from Mr. Ahmad Qtaushat, an esteemed international expert appointed by FIFA from Jordan. He shared his in-depth knowledge on stadium security and compliance with the regulations of international sports tournaments.

 Crowd control, both outside and inside stadiums, is a major challenge when organising big international matches. The workshop enabled the participants to meet international requirements of rules and regulations to be followed when organising international football matches.

This collaborative effort marks a significant stride in ensuring that sporting events in Iraq meet global standards of safety and management, laying the groundwork for future success in the field of sports security.


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