Strategic Planning Capacity Building Workshop concentrated on Financial Management

EUAM Iraq in conjunction with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Director General on Planning convened a five-day Strategic Planning Capacity Building Workshop on Financial Management. The event was held from 28 May to 1 June 2023 at the MoI - EUAM Iraq Joint Coordination Centre in Baghdad.


The event represented the latest iteration in a joint EUAM Iraq - MoI programme aimed at developing sustainable institutional capabilities and organisational resilience centred on integrated business and financial planning.


Integrated financial planning is a vital component of corporate planning which supports long-term business performance and objectives. The deliverables of the workshop are designed to support and enhance the cyclical strategic planning process which is underway in developing the Ministry’s multi-annual 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. This is important in providing the strategic orientation, institutional and policy framework for the Ministry’s continued evolution and transformation.


During the five-day event, a number of issues were the subject of extensive policy dialogue, including prioritisation, resource allocation, implementation, governance, and oversight. 


The workshop drew diverse participation from the Ministry’s strategic planning function with 22 senior officers participating, demonstrative of the Ministry’s commitment to both effective planning and indicative of the strategic level engagement with the Mission. A range of modalities were utilised including lectures, syndicate work, reflection, and assessment to maximise the learning from the event. The event was characterised by a high level of participation and interaction which contributed to effective knowledge exchange, its overall success and impact. 


First Lieutenant Fatima from the Planning Department of the MoI Police Academy commented on the event: “I found the workshop very enlightening, informative and inspiring. I now feel better equipped to undertake the budgetary related aspects of strategic planning which is an essential element of the overall institutional framework. As the only female in the workshop, I also feel that such the participation of female police officers supports the MoI’s drive towards empowering all personnel and I look forward to further professional development and seeing increased female participation. I appreciate the support I have received from Director General of the Planning and Follow Up Directorate; it is indicative of the MoI’s commitment to promoting active participation of females and I feel really positive about the experience.”    


As part of its intensifying engagement in this critical policy area, the Mission and the Ministry have programmed further workshops. At its conclusion, the programme will culminate with 200 personnel having participated, with the ultimate goal of the MoI becoming more effective, more responsive, more accountable, and more transparent.


In conjunction with the Mission’s other interventions, the programme will be instrumental in enhancing the organisational efficacy of the Ministry and more broadly contribute to the process of enhancing the provision of civilian and rule of law orientated policing services to the Iraqi people through increased community confidence in public institutions.

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