EUAM Iraq hosts Civil Society Platform in Baghdad: “Building Trust with Security Forces”

The European Union Advisory Mission in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) hosted on 14 March 2023  the Annual Civil Society Platform for Security Sector Reform, “Building Trust with Security Forces,” as part of the European Union’s comprehensive approach to civilian security sector reform in Baghdad. 

The Platform event  was attended by representatives of human rights organisations, minority organisations, women’s organisations, the Ministry of Interior, Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency (FIIA), PAX Iraq, UNAMI, and various consulates.

This platform was to address issues concerning Security Sector Reform, from the participants' perspectives. The topic of this specific platform is Building Trust with Security Sector that the emphasis was to be put on enhancing collaboration and cooperation between civil society and the government.

Ms Taghreed Ismaeil, Director General of the Directorate of Human Rights, Ministry of Interior: 

As the Director General of the Directorate of Human Rights, we propose that in order to build trust and confidence with the civil society, we need coordination and cooperation with security institutions, and it should be through the Non-Governmental Organisations  Department by nominating discreet organisations specialized in this field and having a clear vision that can be used in security work.

Khalid Siddiqi, EUAM Iraq's Gender and Human Rights Advisor:

A world where civil society is welcome is vibrant, safe and prosperous and not brittle and divided. Thus, I am proud to say that EUAM Iraq has gathered sixteen civil society organisations working in different parts of Iraq, along with a number of security sector representatives to meet and discuss the challenges, opportunities and methods of enhancing collaboration between the civil society and the security sector. EUAM Iraq is proud of its civil society and government counterparts and finds active citizenship a sign of strength.


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