Mission Members make a donation to the charity The Lotus Flower

A total amount of 4630 US dollars was donated to the charity this week, collected by EUAM Iraq’s mission members during the traditional charity run events. Handed over in the Mission’s Erbil presence, the donation will find its way to support the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The Lotus Flower, based in Iraqi Kurdistan, provides projects for women and girls based around three pillars that directly align with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Education & Livelihoods, Health & Safety and Peacebuilding & Human Rights. Gender equality lies at the heart of each pillar, and the organisation’s four women’s centers offer bespoke programming which revolves around these three central themes. Crucially, all their projects are based on what women and girls tell them they need, not on what is assumed they need.


"All of us at the Lotus Flower are incredibly grateful to EUAM Iraq for a very generous and timely donation, which is going towards providing winter coats and jackets for child survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria,” Halat Omar, Project Coordinator at The Lotus Flower commented when receiving the donation. While we have all been deeply saddened by the recent disaster, these warm garments will offer families some much-needed relief from the freezing winter weather which is currently being experienced. We're so glad that we're able to make a small difference together," Omar noted.


Patrick Hughes, the Chairperson of EUAM Iraq’s Welfare Committee expressed his appreciation for the work carried out by the organisation and commented on the charity run tradition: “The charity run is a cherished team building event for Mission members that goes back several years and has become a tradition for EUAM Iraq. Through these events we are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as supporting good causes like The Lotus Flower’s charitable activities. The current donation was collected over several charity run events organised by EUAM Iraq from 2021 until the end of last year. As Mission members, we are glad to be able to make a little contribution for making the world a better place.



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